Vaporwave Dimension Extended (10 HOURS) | LÜNE - Rêve Lucide

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2 år siden

A lot of you requested it, so here you go! An extended 10 Hour version of the Vaporwave Dimension scene for your listening pleasure! You can find the original version here:

The song is Rêve Lucide by LÜNE! You can follow and support his work at:
Thanks again for letting me use this song LÜNE

I had a lot of fun making the original scene, I wanted to do more with it and try something different! I hope you guys liked it. I used a lot of amazing .gifs from various artists!

Most of the .gifs are by Erica Anderson
Please consider following and supporting her work on Patreon!

I also used .gifs from XponentialDesign, please consider supporting their Patreon too!

And other gifs from Giphy by

Teun van der Zalm


As well as this royalty free space footage!

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Original Original Video Something About Star Fox 64 ANIMATED

Master Hand
Master Hand 9 måneder siden
I can’t believe it’s already been well over a year. I remember when the original animation was released. It feels like it’s only been a few months. Time flies people, fill it with memories!
Master Hand
Master Hand 8 dager siden
@StudioSalt Hey, thanks for commenting in this feed. This video disappeared from my playlists and it became completely unsearchable for a while. I appreciate having it pop back up.
StudioSalt 8 dager siden
I saw my own comment here, saying it was from two years ago. I remember being at the premiere. :(
Master Hand
Master Hand 6 måneder siden
@Nyvidia Bread How crazy is that. Merry Christmas!
Nyvidia Bread
Nyvidia Bread 6 måneder siden
now this year is coming to a end..
Cosmic Glxy
Cosmic Glxy 6 måneder siden
Bro you know i cant fill this year with memories, I want them all goneeee
Andrés Castillo
Andrés Castillo 2 dager siden
Kyle Costello
Kyle Costello 4 dager siden
Omg im so glad the original audio is back!
Heart Dela Pena
Heart Dela Pena 5 dager siden
It's so satisfying 😍
the Lavamancer
the Lavamancer 6 dager siden
That music is chill as duck
Charmander DJK
Charmander DJK 8 dager siden
terminal lofi
Cu Ju
Cu Ju 8 dager siden
It's back! Yesssssss😭
Mark Dork
Mark Dork 10 dager siden
Twitch Clipper
Twitch Clipper 15 dager siden
I would-a-sleep mario 2020
Kimmy L.
Kimmy L. 18 dager siden
I'm not gonna lie, this video got me into Vaporwave in general.
InkdBanana 18 dager siden
It’s too beautiful and relaxing to be left alive. (But seriously, don’t delete this)
𝐺𝑎𝑚𝑒 𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟 8766
𝐺𝑎𝑚𝑒 𝑜𝑣𝑒𝑟 8766 19 dager siden
looks like remix
jack 777
jack 777 24 dager siden
When you chew 5 gum:
A Moobloom
A Moobloom 27 dager siden
tbh this is the only love story worth noting on youtube. beatiful.
Villager #9
Villager #9 28 dager siden
My mom: You can eat only 2 flintstone gummies 5 year old me in car with my mom after I ate 10 gummies:
A Moobloom
A Moobloom 28 dager siden
minecraft, we have the overworld, nether and end. you know wats next.
A Moobloom
A Moobloom 28 dager siden
me after licking the stuff dripping fro the underside of the car:
Alief.Prophet 28 dager siden
What was the song that replaced this in the Season 2 montage. Can someone please give that version back to me
Red Theo
Red Theo Måned siden
So glad this is back to its original beauty
Josiah Brandt
Josiah Brandt Måned siden
The dislikes where Star Fox’s enemies
Bababooey Shark
Bababooey Shark Måned siden
Over two years later. . . I still genuinely listen to this. . . Bababooey
sgt muffin
sgt muffin Måned siden
And Were Back!
KaijuFanYT Måned siden
This shall intensify
Rush Cole
Rush Cole Måned siden
I didn’t know I watched 10:00 hours through
Elvin Carl Ouano
Elvin Carl Ouano Måned siden
This song makes me go chill your the best terminal if this song would not be here i will also not be here ahh the chills...
Victor Arredondo
Victor Arredondo Måned siden
Esto es lo que necesito para estudiar a las 3 am
DolleFinn Måned siden
Yes now I can finally work in peace again (Oh world how many times I have heard this from begin to end is forbidden for the time gods)
Silver Infinite
Silver Infinite Måned siden
Lololord Jr
Lololord Jr Måned siden
Ah perfect for work stuff
aguela3000 Måned siden
Yo lo vi todo :v
Kanine Wolfhound
Kanine Wolfhound Måned siden
beyond happy to see it back to its true form!!
Badkenny Måned siden
It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, time to get hypnotised again
WiiamGamer55 Måned siden
THE 10 HOUR VERSION IS BACK lets go!! Thank you Terminal!
Alonso Hernández
Alonso Hernández Måned siden
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Måned siden
Very understanding of you to not put any ads in this.
Nobody Måned siden
I am so unbelievably utterly confused right now.
Something stupid Yt
Something stupid Yt Måned siden
When a man in an alleyway offers you seaweed then you realize it was not seaweed but it’s already to late
Ali Mehdi Hassan
Ali Mehdi Hassan Måned siden
I love fox discover the galaxy
Shinobu Kocho
Shinobu Kocho Måned siden
This makes me laugh and feel relaxed at the same time. 𝒽 𝒾 𝓎 𝒶 𝒽
Santiago Måned siden
Wow, this is beautiful
Evan The human
Evan The human Måned siden
Ok when I die this is what will play in my funeral
SonicVGamer Måned siden
MuSICisLiFman Måned siden
Yay it's back
mcMaster Måned siden
Why did this got taken down?
Neras Tavares
Neras Tavares 2 måneder siden
Yoooooo its back!!
XenonMazi 5 måneder siden
Is the song gonna be gutted from this one too?
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis 5 måneder siden
I have easily slept to this hundreds of times now... the familiarity of the edits and the flow of the music really has brought me sleep in some very stressful times. Right now in the midst of my anxiety I still go listen to this every night, and I just need to look up the word 'vapor' for google to recommend reopening this video again. I notice that it's become unlisted, but I hope you know Terminal that this will be my respite until it gets taken down or removed from whatever drama must be happening to require edits to the other two videos. Know that your hard work and persistence brings me peace in a time that I need it the most. Know you have done nothing but better my life.
Traveler Kitachi
Traveler Kitachi 5 måneder siden
After what happened, this will live forever in my PC now. Yay!
Silviya Sokolova
Silviya Sokolova 5 måneder siden
Droid 18 Beta
Droid 18 Beta 5 måneder siden
Vaporwave got me feelin alright
Kevin Hidalgo
Kevin Hidalgo 5 måneder siden
I think this is what drunk people feel like after they become well... drunk.
Diamanzito 5 måneder siden
jaja this video is in hidden jaja
Capt Winters
Capt Winters 5 måneder siden
I cant believe he still reads the comments, I love youtubers who do this, who just go to a videos comment section, and just read the comments of his/her fans..
Gucci 5 måneder siden
Me when I sleep be like:
Adin V
Adin V 5 måneder siden
I clicked on this thinking it would be some sort of joke but now I’m just reminiscing of past times
1500rigo 5 måneder siden
I'm remember being on acid and watching this good times
michael Spain
michael Spain 5 måneder siden
Foxal ship is sailing
Diana Shen
Diana Shen 5 måneder siden
My soul was absorbed
Imawizard 5 måneder siden
*Me in class*
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant 5 måneder siden
The whole moment I saw this video I was brain numb
Harrison dat dude boudreau
Harrison dat dude boudreau 6 måneder siden
My reaction to seeing this video 1:27
Hero world Gaming
Hero world Gaming 6 måneder siden
The best 10 hours of my life
minecraftdude444 dadude
minecraftdude444 dadude 6 måneder siden
when you realize that this is the best type of video
bruggetje 6 måneder siden
This music always make me realize that life goes faster then you will like it would. Big highlights in your life passby, Like the first cycle you got from your dad when you turned 6, doing your primairy school musical, the first kiss on highschool, and you realized the life you had back then, the things what involved you making the decisions you wouldve done diffrent now. How everything felt to have a strong foundation in the end were on lose bolted screws. Loving but yet mildly depressing, you carry on the life you are fully in control of now. As this song opened your eyes, showing you are the key to happiness not only for yourself but everyone around you. You restart your own life by making a copy of yourself, a part of yourself injected into a new human being. You give it a cycle on his 6th birthday, you"ll bring it to a primairy school, see it raise up, and eventually do the same. You've become old and see your human being copy of you, made a copy of himself again. You can go in peace as you know, a part of you is still around on this world. After thousand years has passed you are completely forgotton but not yet completely out of the world. As there is still a part of you, and your father and his father and their fathers walking around in there. Arent we similair to animals, but more complex? Isn't living life about multiplying ourselfs ? Or or is to be there for each other? Whatever it izs, all living things with a brain, blood and a pumping heart are multiplying and socializing with their own kind. Maybe thats the reason why se are here on this planet. Isn't live a miraculious wonderfull thing to experiance?
Atharva 6 måneder siden
I want this to be played on my funeral
Garfield 6 måneder siden
Me, when a poll has a total of 101%
VenomSward 6 måneder siden
Some many years have passed... But my eyes still getting wet. From Russia, with love.
subject nivleis
subject nivleis 6 måneder siden
Hey...wanna dance :)
locodesert 2
locodesert 2 6 måneder siden
you know in all honesty this is actually the most beautiful thing you created. I honestly really do need this since this helps me relax and calm down from bad anxiety.
TodayLifeIsGoood 6 måneder siden
..this is deeper than it has any right to be
C L Y D E 6 måneder siden
comfy, thank you terminal
Eierkopf 6 måneder siden
Oha 10 hours
Veuch 6 måneder siden
Perfect song for crusing through night city's neons streets
I don't know gamer
I don't know gamer 6 måneder siden
Thay be taking drugs
SwissCheesy_ez 6 måneder siden
While, yet again, tuning into this track during work, I cannot feel any less than utterly sentimental. I'll spare you my life story, but man, I hope I can find some sort of goal or reason in animation and art again. Yes, I'm busy with now 2 kids, but having a higher goal for myself is what's missing for me. Hoping for the best. In the meantime, I might just as well enjoy whatever you're coming up next.
Alguém 6 måneder siden
There are 2 pills, the blue keep your normal life, the red get you out of the matrix Me: *Choose the green pill*
ƖƖγʞɒʜw 6 måneder siden
Vibin here do not disturb
Phoebe Wang
Phoebe Wang 6 måneder siden
this video got me through finals week, thank you for sharing this!
impossibear00 6 måneder siden
I was having such a horrible day and I remembered you made a 10 hour version of this video. Made me forget my worries for a little bit. Thank you for making such an awesome piece of distressing art!
Chatterbox 844
Chatterbox 844 6 måneder siden
this is nice to listen to while studying and working.
Sebas Lopez
Sebas Lopez 6 måneder siden
Electro Lazarus
Electro Lazarus 6 måneder siden
Stardust acid trip
bulb of knowledge
bulb of knowledge 6 måneder siden
"hey you wanna dance?we should get out there." fox 2019 (i know i did this in 2020)
Spider Season
Spider Season 6 måneder siden
Let’s appreciate that there’s no ads
AO MING WWR NMS 6 måneder siden
The stonks ship
sela opetaia
sela opetaia 6 måneder siden
This is a Epic Vibe :O
alex, maybe.
alex, maybe. 6 måneder siden
I'm tired of hating. I want to love.
Spider Season
Spider Season 6 måneder siden
I wonder if he still hearts comments to this day
DeLirIous RIOLU 6 måneder siden
As a certain Personality Core once said,"SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE"
Aidan NYCTV 6 måneder siden
Nobody: Fox: 2:47
Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn
Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn 6 måneder siden
yo sorry that this is old, but can I use this in my stream for music? nvm
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs 6 måneder siden
I feel like Doctor Who is going to take me to the Upside Down and Star Fox is also there for some reason
Random dice Studios
Random dice Studios 7 måneder siden
It is beautiful
Zippeyer 7 måneder siden
This is like the 80s vibe in Japan
Jess D
Jess D 7 måneder siden
This is actually quite soothing I like it Please don't stop doing this
Casey D
Casey D 7 måneder siden
This is mind bending
Andre Cantelmo
Andre Cantelmo 7 måneder siden
I love this guy
Edd Sus
Edd Sus 7 måneder siden
theory:this was filmed before the video started meaning they never defeated the final boss they got stuck forever they never were found and the final boss take over all the galaxy
Noobbitzzs l
Noobbitzzs l 7 måneder siden
Vaperwave but weed
exalaskevas 7 måneder siden
so you extended a scene and now extended the extension GENIOUS
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